RICOCHET - about the series.


The images in Ricochet are studies of salvaged basketballs moving through spaces that I’ve constructed temporarily in my studio. Over several days I construct, paint, detail and photograph each image in sets that are loosely assembled from recycled building materials, painted cardboard and theatre sets. I build up (and remove) layers of paint to find the right tone for the image and slowly the composition evolves almost like a painting would. 

I’ve been inspired by reference pictures of old gymnasiums and industrial spaces, as well as photos of I’ve taken in spaces like basement carparks. I work with pre-owned basketballs because I’m drawn to the idea that objects have their own stories to tell if you listen close enough. The movement of the ball is inspired by the visuals of the original TRON film (1982) and is created on the set using builders marking line in various fluorescent colours.