What does Limited Edition mean?

It means that I have committed to producing a certain amount of prints and when they are sold out I can no longer sell any more. Think of the image as a pie - you're buying a slice of it. I would normally produce editions of 7-14 prints. If I increase the amount of of prints in an edition I can afford to reduce the price (because they are smaller pieces of pie).

How are the prints packaged?

They are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and flat packed with stiff board to support them. The package is approximately A4 size.


Will the prints arrive framed?

No, but they they'll present as smart gifts in the way that they are packaged. I would recommend taking the prints straight to the framer and not playing with them too much, the surface is quite fragile.

Can you provide framed prints?

We can arrange this, but not in time for Christmas 2019. Best to email me to discuss.

Are the prints signed?

Yes, I have signed and numbered each print.

Are there other Botanical Inquiry prints available?

Absolutely. But not in the People's Edition size. Email me and I'll send you a list of current availability and pricing.

Where is your studio for pickup?

It's in Marrickville, Sydney. 

When is the last day in 2019 for pick ups from the studio?

December 19th.