My story

I love the art of photography and still get excited about the possibilities of creating images that haven’t been made yet. I’ve devoted the majority of my life to still images – It's been twenty five years since I graduated from art school and I’m still not bored. Making people feel and see new things, through photography, is what I'm devoted to. 

My approach to image making is analogue. I try to achieve as much as I can through in-camera processes. I'm influenced by the innovative thinkers who were creating incredible visual effects in cinema prior to computer graphics. There’s something about engineering an image so that I can see and feel it in reality that's more appealing than working at a computer.   

'Freestyling' is what I call the time spent experimenting in my studio. Without any fixed result in mind, I explore different combinations of objects, materials, lighting and ideas that interest me. Much of the time this work is never seen outside of my studio. It is, however, a valuable process in developing my own visual language and craft.

Sometimes though, stories appear and a series begins to take shape – like Ricochet and Botanical Inquiry.

I have had several solo exhibitions of my work and have won numerous awards. Botanical Inquiry received first place in the Fine Art category of the 2017 Magnum and Lensculture Photography Award which provided me exposure to an international audience. The images from the series have been featured in magazines, books and online publications around the world and I continue to ship prints across the globe from my studio in Sydney, Australia.