Botanical Inquiry - about the photographs.

I have been producing and exhibiting my photographic series Botanical Inquiry since 2014 when it was first featured on The Planthunter. Since then the work has been exhibited in three solo shows, has won The Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards 2017 (Fine Arts category, 2017), the International Photography award (Fine Art Still life, 2015) and I began shipping prints to clients all over the world. I’ve been thrilled to see the series featured in several international print publications and many art and design websites such as Yellowtrace and The Design Files. Apart from lovers of art, serious plant lovers from around the world have responded to the images in force – recently Fordham Press in the USA licensed an image for the cover of their book “Radical Botany – Plants and Speculative Fiction”.

 This brings me joy because I’m really interested in the beauty of what is forgotten or unnoticed - and people are paying attention. I want to make images that may not otherwise be seen and these images give unremarkable plants a voice and a platform to tell their story.

 The plants are collected from urban spaces around Sydney, often from nature strips, back lanes and other locations where nature is allowed to go a bit wild. I avoid “pretty” and go for character and expression in the plants that I choose.

Creating the images starts with the backgrounds which come from various locations in around Sydney that I photograph on days with specific weather conditions and quality of light. The second part of the process is staging the images in the studio using artificial light and a “machine” that I designed which is based on cinematic visual effects pre-computer graphics.  What you see is pretty much what my camera sees – the images aren’t digital composites.  What I really like about my “machine” is that it lends the images a unique atmosphere and tone. To see all of the images take a look on my website.